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Preparation Materials for the Canadian Senior Mathematics Competition (CSMC) and the Euclid Contest

The Canadian Senior Mathematics Competition (CSMC) and the Euclid Contest are the CEMC’s senior math contests. The mathematical background required for these two contests is similar and so these preparation materials can be used for either contest.

We recommend that you begin by reading the General Preparation Advice document. It will give you some important advice as you prepare for and write these two contests.

There are eight major topic areas covered in these preparation materials. For each topic, there is a toolkit that outlines the ideas that will be important when solving problems in this area. We have included sample problems with full solutions, as well as a problem set for you to try yourself. Solutions to these problem sets are posted separately.

These topics are not posted in any particular order. Contest problems often weave together different topics, so you may meet a problem in one topic that uses the ideas of another topic. The toolkits are only brief summaries of some of the useful results in each topic area. These results are not proved or explained. For more explanation of the results, you may want to consult the CEMC courseware.

Topic Solutions
Exponents and Logarithms View solutions
Trigonometry View solutions
Functions, Equations and Polynomials View solutions
Analytic Geometry View solutions
Sequences and Series View solutions
Euclidean Geometry View solutions
Counting and Probability View solutions
Properties of Numbers View solutions