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CEMC Visits Schools

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The Faculty of Mathematics and CEMC visit Ontario schools to meet with students and teachers of mathematics and computer science. There is normally no charge for these visits. Visits to schools outside of Ontario are also possible.

Purpose of Our Visits

Our goal is to have fun with mathematics and/or computer science. Specifically, we solve engaging problems together

  • to share our enthusiasm and enjoyment of the subject(s),
  • to highlight the importance of mathematics and computer science, and
  • to encourage students to work both inside and outside the curriculum to develop their own problem solving skills

Who We Typically Speak To

We normally visit Grades 7 through 12. Sometimes we meet with selected students. Other times, we work with entire classes.

What We Usually Do

A Faculty member works with students to solve interesting problems in mathematics and/or computer science. The sessions involve students working on problems individually or in groups. We are flexible but in our experience, workshops of 20 to 40 students are best, with session durations of 60 to 90 minutes in length for Grades 9 to 12, and 60 to 75 minutes for Grades 7 and 8.

Other Topics

We are happy to supplement the problem-solving workshop with a discussion of any of the following.

  • contest information, preparation and tips
  • careers in mathematics and computer science
  • real-world applications of mathematics and computer science
  • student transition to university


Please read answers to frequently asked questions, then fill out this form, and contact us for more information.