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Computer Science and Learning to Program

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Computer science is used to solve important real-world problems. We offer an array of computing contests, courses, workshops and conferences to complement our mathematics activities and resources. There are opportunities for both beginners and the best computing students in the world.

New! CS and Society resources have been designed for high school teachers
to use when addressing the impact of computers on society,
environmental sustainability, ethical issues, emerging technologies and more.


The Beaver Computing Challenge is designed to get students with little or no previous experience excited about computing. The Canadian Computing Competition challenges secondary school students with an interest in programming by testing their ability in designing, understanding and implementing algorithms.

Learning to Program

Programming is a fundamental skill that computer scientists use in their careers and everyday lives. The following free online lessons and courseware are an opportunity to learn how to write software. No prior experience is needed to get started!

CS Circles
Interactive lessons teaching the basics of writing computer programs in Python
CS Circles
Intro to Python
Gentle introduction to programming designed with the beginner in mind.
Programming Concepts
Collection of videos teaching basic programming concepts in a language-independent manner.
Web Basics
Introduces the main ideas behind the specification of a web page in HTML5 and CSS3.
Basic Programming
Presents the use of basic programming concepts as applied to web pages, using the language JavaScript.

Seeing Possibilities and Rewards in Computer Science (SPARCS)

This workshop is designed to spark interest in computer science among selected young women and people of other gender identities under-represented in computer science from across Canada.

Summer Conference for Computer Science Educators

CEMC Visits Schools

This August conference is an opportunity for teachers to learn new skills and brainstorm classroom activity ideas. Resources and classroom activities gathered at previous conferences are available online.

CEMC: CS Escape

CEMC: CS Escape is a workshop designed to introduce programming to young women and people of other gender identities under-represented in computer science* in Grade 8 who have very little or no programming experience. The workshop will take place virtually on Zoom over four Monday evening sessions in January.