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Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests

Fall 2020 looked very different to everyone, but we were pleased that we could still offer our Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests (CSMC/CIMC). Over 3 days, 140 markers graded more than 15,000 contests from around the world. Using a hybrid model, approximately 80% of contests were marked using the online grading system, Crowdmark, while the remaining 20% of physical papers were hand-graded by members of the CEMC, Waterloo faculty and local teachers. We are also very pleased that, despite the changing environment, our team.

We would like to acknowledge the amazing work that teachers and parents did to assist students in preparing for and writing these contests. It is very encouraging to have so much support for the work we do and we are committed to finding ways to continue to deliver our world class contests and resources to teachers, parents, and students around the globe in these uncertain times.

Happy New Year from the CEMC!