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About Us

The CEMC is dedicated to inspiring students to reach further with mathematics and computer science. We’re committed to giving students the tools they need to build their confidence, grow their problem solving skills and get excited about mathematics and computing.

We bring over 50 years of experience to the work that we do. Our story began in 1963 when a group of secondary school teachers developed the first mathematics contest in Ontario. From that spark, the CEMC has grown into one of Canada’s foremost authorities on mathematics and computer science for young people.

Housed within the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo, the CEMC is the largest organization of its kind in Canada with more than 40 dedicated faculty and staff and hundreds of committed volunteers.

Today, our programs and resources make a difference for students and educators around the world:

  • Our free courseware receives 10 million pageviews annually
  • More than 265,000 students in over 80 countries register for our 15 contests each year
  • 1.5 million learners and teachers benefit from our Problem of the Week
  • 630 learners participate in CEMC workshops annually
  • 20,000 students benefit each year from the CEMC Visits Schools program at more than 300 schools in over 15 countries
  • 300 teachers are currently pursuing advanced degrees in our Master of Mathematics for Teacher’s (MMT) program
  • Hundreds of MMT alumni are sharing new knowledge and renewed enthusiasm with their students around the world

Invest in the Future

Learn about how you can get involved with the CEMC today through giving, sponsorship, volunteering, or sharing our resources: Make a Difference.

Together, we can inspire the next generation of leaders, launch impactful new programs and empower math education globally with new international development initiatives.