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Why Contests Matter

Participating in a mathematics and computing contest helps students develop invaluable skills, like creative problem-solving and big-picture thinking.

CEMC contests can help students:

  • discover and grow a love of mathematics and computer science,
  • apply knowledge in novel situations, and
  • make connections across topics in mathematics and computing.
And because CEMC contests are challenging but attainable activities for young learners, they also build students' confidence in their ability to tackle difficult problems — a key ingredient for student success both inside and outside the classroom.

Mike Eden, CEMC Contests Co-Lead and University of Waterloo Lecturer talks about the CEMC’s internationally recognized mathematics and computing contests.

From the Participants

“In high school, I tried learning how to code, but nothing ever clicked… until I started preparing for the CCC. Doing contest problems dramatically improved my programming and problem-solving skills. Now I’m studying Computer Science, and I love it!”

 – Ava P., Student, Waterloo, ON

"The [CEMC's] mathematics contests truly foster the development of critical personality traits such as resilience, adaptability, persistence, and strategy-based thought. From our perspective, what a wonderful and unique way to prepare young minds for both the rigours of post-secondary studies and the unpredictable challenges faced in everyday life!"

– George Lin, Teacher, Coquitlam, BC

“I've been doing math contests since grade 4…. Looking back at this 9-year-long journey, it's crazy to imagine how much doing math contests has shaped me as a person, from thinking more logically and with structure to gaining more confidence in myself and becoming good friends with like-minded peers. Euclid 2021 was definitely a great way to end it off and it's equally hard to imagine how I've been able to get to where I am today!”

– Albert L., Student, Waterloo, ON

“The CEMC enables students to challenge themselves and build confidence. Students thrive in the collaborative format of the Canadian Team Mathematics Contest (CTMC) event. Contest preparation provides opportunities to network and form lasting friendships.”

– Judy Shanks, Teacher, Ajax, Ontario

“It’s hard to overstate the importance of the Canadian Computing Contest on the quality of my computer science program…. This contest acts as a primary focus for my computer club and helps my students push themselves to a higher level of excellence.”

– Ron McKenzie, Teacher, Windsor, ON

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