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CTMC Reference Information

Banner of students during Canadian Team Math Contesrts

In-School Participation:


  • Schools register online by the deadline.
  • As many teams of six students as desired may write the contest for a single $50 fee. For larger groups, additional proctors may be desireable.
  • In-school teams participate unofficially.
  • We encourage you to coordinate with nearby schools to organize or join a local CTMC competition; many schools report that these events are fun and memorable. To get in contact with nearby schools who may wish to host, help organize or attend a local event, log in with your school number at

Running the Event

  • The day before the contest, we provide access to a web site where you can download the contest materials and instructions. The supervisor then photocopies the materials and administers the contest at the school. All questions are graded on an answer only basis.
  • The supervisor may be a teacher, administrator or another adult volunteer.
  • Supervisors may invite students from another school to join them at their own school for this event.
  • Instructions for running the event (subject to change).
  • Watch this CTMC instructional video that describes the logistics and scoring of relays. Please note our updated calculator policy for the Individual and Relay events.

At-UWaterloo Participation:


Teams must enter a lottery to be eligible to come to CTMC at UW*. Registration for the CTMC 2021 lottery will take place over a two-week time period in November 2020. Please note:

  • A limited number of spots will be awarded at random to schools who have never attended CTMC At-UW before.
  • Remaining spots, and 3 spots on a waiting list, will be filled by selecting at random from anyone not yet selected.
  • There is a limit of one team per school.
  • A $360 fee includes lunch and dinner for the teacher and six students. For no extra cost you have the option of also having other students write CTMC at your school after the At-UWaterloo contest date.
  • If you are selected to attend, you will receive an invoice in February 2021 to make payment. Please do not make any payment until you receive an invoice from us.
  • Payment will be accepted by invoice only and is due by March 31, 2021.
  • Those who enter the lottery will be notified whether they were selected in December. Those not selected are encouraged to write CTMC at their own location, perhaps in coordination with other schools nearby. The CEMC will provide a mechanism to put interested schools in touch with each other should they wish to organize their own local event.

*Teams that were expected to participate in CTMC 2020 At-UW (which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic) do not need to enter the lottery. They will be automatically invited to participate in CTMC at-UWaterloo 2021 through a separate email.

Preparing for the Event

  • Teams must arrange and pay for their own transportation to UWaterloo. Some registered teams make their own arrangements for joint transportation. No overnight accommodations are available on campus. We can recommend nearby hotels.
  • It is not necessary to provide student names or dietary information to secure the spot. Teachers may finalize the line-up up to the date of the contest without notifying us.
  • Do you have more than six students at your school interested in the CTMC? For no extra charge, schools participating At-UWaterloo may also run the CTMC in your school after the At-UWaterloo event for as many different teams as you wish.
  • Watch this CTMC instructional video that describes the logistics and scoring of relays. Please note our updated calculator policy for the Individual and Relay events.