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Beaver Computing Challenge

Instructions for BCC Supervisors

Before the Challenge

  1. If your school has never participated in any CEMC contests before, register your school by filling out the New School Registration Form.
  2. There are three separate challenges: Grade 5/6, Grade 7/8 and Grade 9/10. Students may participate in at most one Beaver Computing Challenge.
  3. Register for the BCC online. You will be asked for the number of students participating in the challenge. Be sure to check that your e-mail address is correctly recorded as the Contest Manager Email. The fee is $2.00 per student.
  4. Arrange for the challenge to be held during the weeks of the challenge. Each participating student will need access to a web browser connected to the internet. **
  5. Approximately one week before the challenge, you will be e-mailed a list of userids and passwords. One userid and password will be assigned to you personally giving you the chance to try out the challenge and system in advance.

Day of the Challenge

  1. Distribute the userids and passwords.
  2. Explain the format of the challenge. At the Grade 5/6 level, there are 12 multiple-choice questions graded out of a total of 60 marks: 4 questions in Part A worth 6 marks each, 4 questions in Part B worth 5 marks each, and 4 questions in Part C worth 4 marks each. At the Grade 7/8 and 9/10 levels, there are 15 multiple-choice questions graded out of a total of 90 marks: 5 questions in Part A worth 8 marks each, 5 questions in Part B worth 6 marks each, and 5 questions in Part C worth 4 marks each. At all levels, two marks are awarded for not answering a question up to a maximum of 5 unanswered questions at the Grade 5/6 level and a maximum of 6 unanswered questions at the Grade 7/8 and 9/10 levels.
  3. Instruct students to visit the Online Challenge Grader website and follow the directions listed there.
  4. Ask students to carefully provide their name, grade and gender as instructed.
  5. Inform students that the system will give each of them exactly 45 minutes to answer the questions. You can provide scrap paper and pens/pencils to students to assist them in solving the problems.Some calculators are permitted.
  6. Put forth a “best effort” to maintain the integrity of the contest. For example, try to prevent communication between participants and ensure students work individually.

After the Challenge

  1. Results will be e-mailed to you approximately one week after the challenge. Certificates of Participation and Certificates of Distinction will be attached.
  2. The names of top-scoring students among all those participating in the competition will be posted online.
  3. Solutions will be available online. They will include Connections to Computer Science outlining how the problems are related to computer science and its applications.

** Normally, schools will run the BCC on one of the ten days during the weeks of the challenge. However, if schools have large enrollment and/or limited lab space, they may run the challenge on multiple days. Please do your best to limit the interaction between students who have completed the challenge and those that have yet to complete the challenge. The BCC emphasizes participation over competition.