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Outreach in Indonesia

Image of School Visit in Indonesia

This page is also available in Bahasa.

The Risk Management, Economic Sustainability, and Actuarial Science Development in Indonesia (READI) Project initiated the Mathematics Outreach Program which focused on enhancing mathematics problem-solving skills as well as raising awareness of the actuary profession among high school students, teachers, and parents.

The READI project involved universities, the insurance and pension industries, the professional actuarial association, and government agencies in Indonesia. It successfully reached all provinces in Indonesia from 2016 to 2020.

The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computer Science (CEMC) housed within the Faculty of Mathematics at University of Waterloo strongly supported this Mathematics Outreach Program. The CEMC is Canada's largest and most recognized outreach organization for promoting and creating activities and materials in mathematics and computer science.

The READI Project adopted and implemented three core programs in Mathematics Outreach Programs:

  1. School Visits

    These face to face workshops were designed for students to have fun with mathematics through problem-solving mathematics questions and learn about career opportunities in the application of mathematics with a focus on actuary.

    Mathematics outreach officers and Outreach teams from READI’s partner Universities visited schools to meet with students and mathematics teachers in various public and private schools in various cities in Indonesia. More than 22,000 students and 1000 teachers in Indonesia have been reached.

    The 90 minutes session in each school has always been a joyful session with students centered on mathematical problem-solving.

  2. Problem of The Week (POTW)

    Problem of the Week is designed to provide students with an ongoing opportunity to solve mathematical problems. Each week, problems from various areas of mathematics will be e­mailed to teachers for use with their students in grades 9, 10, 11 & 12. The problems and solutions (which follow a week later) are sent in both Bahasa and English.

    This is an online subscription for teachers. If you are interested you can subscribe now.

  3. Mathematics Contests

    The Cayley and Fermat Contests are an international mathematics contest conducted by the CEMC. These contests are a great opportunity for students in Indonesia to compete with students overseas. Every student at the Senior High School level can participate in these contests without limitation of mathematics skill. This contest is conducted as a strategy to encourage students to be doing more mathematics. Click here to get detailed information.

The READI Project concluded its operation in December 2020. Therefore, the School Visit program is being offered by READI’s partner universities and the CEMC as they are able to be involved. Please email for further information. Problem of the Week (POTW) continues in Bahasa from the CEMC -- you can subscribe now to get those weekly problems. There are other grade levels available in English. The Cayley and Fermat Contests in Bahasa are no longer sponsored by READI. All CEMC contests in English are available here.