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Administration of the Canadian Senior and Intermediate Contests

01 October 2020

Here are some additional details that we hope will help in the administration of the upcoming Canadian Senior and Intermediate Contests during this unusual year.

Students Writing at School

Students may write in your school in multiple groups on or after the official day of the contest. No student may write before the official day. We will not further restrict the window of days during which students can write the contests, but encourage you to keep this window short to help ensure as much integrity as possible and to make sure that your contests arrive in Waterloo by early December to be marked with the bulk of our marking

Students Writing Remotely

Students that you register may also write the contest remotely (for example, at home supervised by an adult). There are two ways in which this can be facilitated — either by physical delivery of the materials or by forwarding electronic copies of the various pieces that they need and that we will provide to you electronically. In either case, students can return their completed contests to you to return to Waterloo with the rest of your package, or can return it directly to us on their own.

Individual Registrants

If your school is unable to register for a contest, we would encourage you to provide the following message to students to let them know how they can register individually:

The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) at the University of Waterloo is allowing students to register individually (rather than through their school) for its 2020/2021 contests. Please visit this link to register: and click on the button that says “New Individual / Remote Learning / Home School Application”.

Upcoming Contests

As the year progresses, we will provide additional updates on the mechanisms and functionality that we will have available for later contests, such as the Pascal, Cayley and Fermat multiple choice contests.