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CEMC by the Numbers

The CEMC provides curricular and enrichment support for elementary and secondary schools. We create and promote face-to-face workshops, online resources, and publications. Our mission to support students, teachers and parents is successful because of their energy and commitment to the importance of mathematics and computer science in today's world. We are also grateful for the support of our sponsors and a large number of volunteers. Together, we are proud of the quality, size and scope of our many activities.

CS Girls Seminar - CEMC

The numbers below illustrate the reach and extent of our work (data is approximate based on a recent year).

265 000
contest registrations
people hours spent marking full written solutions
4 000 000
answers to multiple choice questions
countries with students writing a contest
contest committee members
1 800 000
past contest downloads
schools visited per year
19 700
students at workshops held in schools
teachers attending CEMC conferences
students at on-campus multi-day workshops
high school students visiting UWaterloo for a contest
8 700 000
main website page views
10 000
posters distributed to schools
47 000
Problem of the Week subscribers
Master of Mathematics for Teachers graduates
Master of Mathematics for Teachers students
100 000
Online courseware users