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Master of Mathematics for Teachers

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Information for Applicants

Admissions Criteria

The following admissions criteria must be met in order to be eligible to apply for entry:

  • Four-year degree (or equivalent) with sufficient university level mathematical background.
  • Have at least one year of prior work experience in education, with preference given to those actively teaching in mathematics, science or computer science at the time of application.
  • Provide certification of English language proficiency through one of the accepted examinations if you have not completed three or more years of post-secondary work at a Canadian institution, or at an institution at which English was the primary language of instruction, or have not been employed for a similar period of time in a position in which English was the primary language of business.

How to Apply

The University of Waterloo uses an online application process for all Waterloo graduate programs. Applying is a two step process. First you must complete the online application. One to two business days after completing the online application you will be provided with access to your student file at Waterloo where you will be directed to upload the supporting documentation.

For further details, please refer to the Graduate Application Instructions.

Required Documents

The following documentation MUST be submitted online through Waterloo's Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs Office by June 15th for admission to the Fall term. Late or incomplete applications will normally not be accepted.

  • Academic transcript from each post secondary institution that you have attended (past or current). Each transcript should show all courses and marks, along with the transcript legends/keys/grading scales. All post-secondary education (universities and colleges) must be declared on your online application. This includes incomplete studies and transfer credit courses.
  • Two letters of reference from School Administrators, Department Heads, or senior colleagues.
  • Curriculum vitae/resumé indicating your past academic and professional experience.

Reference forms and letters must be completed by your referees through the online system. Please ensure that you provide your referees with adequate time to complete this process prior to June 15.


Will exceptions ever be made to the formal admission requirements? What is tuition? How much time will a course and the program typically require? Please see our frequently asked questions and answers. For more information, contact the MMT Director.